#FemmeFatale FT. Vogue Eyewear FW’16

Jas Sagu Blogger - Vogue eyewear

‘Read between my lips, read between my eyes..there is something that I am hiding, its a surprise. 

Don’t be fooled by my glasses, I am not the bookish type but I can create stories when my eyes lie.

Don’t take my hand and expect the profound, I can be silly believe me appearances lie.

I can be anything I want to be, schmaltzy, smart, sensitive, hard. There is a lot of smoke behind my

screen and if you’re lucky I will let off some steam.

Just like the rainbow appears so do I ! What are you looking at – Vogue is not just a pose, use your

imagination and I will use my eyes! ‘ 

Vogue Eyewear Jas Sagu

About The Rainbow Collection

This Fall/Winter, Vogue Eyewear has made a comeback with some ultra modern styles for cosmopolitan women around the globe. Gone are the days when a girl with spectacles was passed off as a stereotypical geeky head. Optics are now deemed head turner accessory. You don’t have to leave them home just because to have to go to a fancy party?? Pick them right back and stick them on because, Girl! you are about to win all those brownie points on the fashion radar if you are seen in a sassy pair of optic frames at a club.

Being a young modern woman myself, I could relate to these contemporary yet elegant frames.For my look I wore these striking red Vogue Eyewear frames. As the shape of these optics were ideal for my petite face, it only enhanced my over all personality. I loved how the red color added an element of fun and vibrancy to my personality. To say the least these effortlessly stylish Vogue Eyewear frames made me feel sophisticated & let me use the word ‘Mysteriously sexy’.


Vogue eyewear Blogger Jas sagu


vogue eyewear jas sagu blogger
Rainbow Collection Model : VO 5103





Elton working some magic here.


Vogue eyewear Blogger Jas sagu
Never a dull moment


About The Team

Over the last few years, Vogue Eyewear has engaged with Fashion/Lifestyle Bloggers across the globe. When I was approached for the Vogue Eyewear Blogger Activity Fall/Winter 2016 ,  I was told about the maverick team behind this project. ‘Hell! Yes! was my first reaction.  It’s like when your dream begins to turn into some sort of reality, all you want to do is jump around like a monkey screaming aloud “It’s Happening!” 

Vogue Eyewear has closely been associated with India’s Top Photographer Atul Kasbekar, The Wizard Elton Fernandez and The Dynamic Stylist Chandni Sareen.  As a fashion & lifestyle blogger I felt this was a great opportunity to work with and meet some awe-inspiring people. This is not it! The team also included some of the most talented Bloggers from Delhi and Mumbai which made it an even more incredible experience.


Vogue eyewear Blogger Jas sagu
Chandni playing around with her favorite man.

About My Look

When you associate with names like Elton Fernandez and Chandni Sareen you know what you’ve signed up for! Elton Fernandez is one of the most talented and fascinating makeup artist. Fascinating because his energy is tuned to a higher octave. There is never a dull moment when he is around. Its infectious! No kidding!

For my look, Elton chose to go the classic way. He opted for subtle eyes and a bold mouth. As you can see, he picked a bright red lip color for my lips and played with neutral colors for my eyes. For the hair he chose to give it a messy updo that was inspired by Britney Spear’s new song Slumber Party. Yay!!! Hit me baby one more time! wink wink.

Coming to my stylist Chandni Sareen, I must say she is a fabulous fashion stylist and a sweetheart. The look for this shoot was fun candy floss & pop inspired. It was all about colors and high spiritedness . Keeping that in mind Chandni picked this A line Dress from PapaDontPreachByShubhika. She felt this Polka dot print outfit would be the right choice as it complimented my pear shape body type. Personally I’ve never been big on Polka dots but knowing Chandni’s great sense of style I lay my faith on her blindly. She made sure I was comfortable and looked my best. That little warmth goes a long way. Thank you Ms Sareen 🙂


Vogue eyewear Blogger Jas sagu
Ms Sareen making sure she likes what she sees.


Vogue eyewear Blogger Jas sagu
Does this need a caption ?


Vogue eyewear Blogger Jas sagu
The Boss
Vogue eyewear Blogger Jas sagu
Atul Kasbekar
Vogue eyewear Blogger Jas sagu
Perfectionists at Work

WomanILoveYou | VogueEyewear


Vogue Eyewear Jas Sagu

Vogue Eyewear Jas Sagu

Vogue Eyewear Blogger Jas Sagu

Vogue Eyewear Blogger Jas Sagu

Photography : Atul Kasbekar

Styling : Chandni Sareen

Hair/Makeup : Elton Fernandez

Outfit : PapaDontPreachByShubhika

Location : Mehboob Studio, Mumbai

BTS : Yashasvi Sharma


Vogue eyewear Blogger Jas sagu


I hope you guys enjoyed reading the post as much as I enjoyed working on the Vogue Eyewear story.

Please do leave your comments as I love to see them coming in.

Lots of love,


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