This Valentine.. Be Your’s!

Conventional Wisdom suggests that on Valentine’s Day one has to be snogging in the arms of their loved one! It also suggests that Cupid is running wild and piercing hearts with arrows. So if the God of Love hasn’t reached you yet, be rest assured the Gods of marketing will!

Love is in the air, I feel it everywhere!  Yes that’s what most of us are feeling , witnessing , experiencing etc. Along with this air borne love there is some kind of pressure as well that is running through the atmosphere. Its’ a heady concoction of love and expectations. Its Good pressure, Bad pressure!

What to gift? What to buy? What to wear? Where to go on a date? To me this is the Good pressure.

God forbid if you are still alone on Valentine’s and your pesky little Aunt/neighbor finds out, you will never hear the end of the importance of finding a suitable boy! I mean even your pesky little aunt has a date {her husband/Boyfriend} on Valentine’s Day and you don’t! That’s Bad pressure.

OMG…. I feel the pressure while typing this out! I am going to grab myself a coolant and be back!

Before you think I’m too harsh let me tell you … I LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY. It’s all about love and loving. I love my family, I love my friends , I love YOU my reader and I love myself.

I didn’t wait for anyone to sweep me off my feet or buy me the perfect bunch of red roses. This Valentine I decided to buy me some flowers, a pretty outfit and a can of coke!

To hell with conventional wisdom, ‘THIS VALENTINE’S BE YOUR’S!’

P.S. Hey but that doesn’t mean I can’t be someone else’s 😉


I chose to inject the color of love -RED for my Valentine outfit (the good old conventional LOL). I teamed a silky soft red shirt with my current favorite houndstooth pencil skirt. I stepped into my suede pumps , grabbed my hand bag and off I was! Painting the town Red!! Yes I love cliché sometimes!

For the sake of love and loving,  Share your views and thoughts.

Do leave your comments , as I LOVE to be inundated by them. Drown Me! 😉






And one for the love of SELFIE 🙂

Photography By : Arsala Qureishi

What I’m Wearing:

Shirt : Kazo | Skirt : Ginger | Shoes : Nine West | Hand Bag : Fossil | On my Lips : Sephora – Color Lip Last Range No.23 & No.20


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