Top 5 Winter lipsticks for Indian skin

Hey Guys,

Pull out your neon pinks , scavenge through your peachy pouty shade , fetch your wine reds/maroons , pluck some plums from your drawer and blow a flying kiss to this winter!

Come Winter , and the question I ask my self is what are the colors I want to wear this pretty winter…

Lipsticks like nail paints have so many colors that you can never be bored. On a chilly day I just love to stay indoors and navigate through the treasure trove of colors that I can smear on my lips.   It was tough for me to pick my top favorites! Alas I accomplished the task at hand!

Just a quick swipe of lipstick can brighten up your face and a woman can go from drab to fab.

My idea is to stay bright and fab this winter. But before you decide on indulging, ensure your lips are moisturized. To keep my mouth in perfect pucker condition I use a lip balm or a lip moisturizer at night before bed. You can also exfoliate your lips by making a quick home exfoliator! It’ s simple you just have to combine small amounts of sugar, honey, olive oil and stir it up. Then by using a cotton swab or tooth brush  gently rub it on your lips! Your lips are now kiss ready! LOL!

So keep your glam-game up with these super sexy crème/matte colors this Winter .

  • MAC Please Me
  • Lakme 9to5 Vermillion Fired
  • Color Bar : Take me as I am (Tickle Me Pink 013)
  • Chambor Powder Matte Black Cherry 179
  • MAC Rebel



1) Let me introduce you to  The You- can -never-go-wrong-matte color as I like to call it.. It’s the famous ‘please me’ from MAC . It’s a color you want to go back to every time. My winters will definitely be incomplete without this shade. It’s a pastel pink shade that looks great with kohl eyes.




2) Missing shimmer in action? Here is the fiery lipstick by lakme. Its from their lakme 9to5 range . The shade is called vermillion fired. It’s a bright peach tone which has muted shimmer. What I love about this color is the muted shimmer. It’s a cute pouty color that keeps my lips hydrated as it has wheat germ oil.




3) Take me as I am! A bold tagline aint it? That’s what I love about this jumbo crayon lipstick. The range has the most exotic shades , but I have picked this one in particular. Its called ‘ticke me pnk’ . It’s a neon pink shade. Just the thought of it can light up my face and state of mind. Its loaded with shea butter and vitamin E, hence no chances of over drying lips during the winters.



4) Indian skin can carry this color off like no other. Im dead red serious. I have this color with me since the past 14 months and have worn it on numerous occasions. ‘Black Cherry’ 179 is an apt color for the winters, its cold , sexy , bold and so womanly. It is a deep wine color and the texture of this lipstick is what takes away all the brownie points. Its so smooth! (check out my tagline and hashtag #smackthatredlipstickon).



4) Plum lips is my new found love! When you start wearing this color, you would want winters all through the year, I don’t mean to restrict the color during other seasons but somehow

I feel this color is a trend setter and would look uber chic on our blessed Indian skin tones. So what you waiting for? Go fetch your Plums now!!!!




Of course I’m super curious to know which is Your favourite lipstick color/colors this winter . What would you recommend? Go through YOUR treasure trove right now and let me know!

Please do share your thoughts and ideas.

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Don’t Forget to leave your comments , I love love to see them coming in.









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