I stepped out of  Toronto Airport and it began to rain. Isn’t that a good Omen?? The rain Gods had just proclaimed their love and hence welcomed me with open arms into Canada. My sojourn had just begun! Woohoo!

So the question is, what got me to Toronto? Yes I love to travel and all that jazz but the foremost reason was to attend the much awaited World Premiere of the Film’ Angry Indian Goddesses’ at the Toronto International Film festival. Hey I wasn’t acting in the film but I can very proudly say that two of my friends Arsala Qureishi and Nandish Domlur are an intrinsic part of the film and I was there to hoot for them! Btw my hooting did cause some ruptures, the film ‘Angry Indian Goddesses won the first runner up for the Grolsch People’s Choice Awards. So while in Canada my first stop as I mentioned was Toronto , then Montreal and finally Vancouver. I  took umpteen pictures from my phone and Nikon camera, it took me a long time to sift through them and choose these! Here is a sneak peak of my trip. It was crazy, inspiring and angry! Have fun!

My Itinerary


Standing tall CN Tower , Toronto


First let me take a picture.


My second home – Second Cup Coffee Co.


Spelt out loud and clear .. TIFF


Morning post coffee Shenanigans


Call me may be..


The Incredible Niagara Falls.


She can be territorial too..


A nurse who survived the World War and was on her way to attend her last reunion.


He photo bombed me.. I photo bombed him..


With the Beeba Boy – Waris Ahluwalia


The lady Behind Beeba Boys – Deepa Mehta


Meet one of the most stylish men in India – Nandish Domlur


Free Spirited Gypsy Soul – That’s Anushka Manchanda for you!


Graffiti neighbourhood – The Kensington Market , Toronto


Walking on King Street West – Where all the TIFF activity took place


Meet the Angry Indian Goddesses – @premier #AIG


Thank you Getty Images 🙂


The Mad Goddess!


The lady behind all that glamour – Meet the talented makeup artist Sara Menitra aka #mymothermadeit


The Best waffles in Canada – Petit Dejuner


Don’t miss that Racoon on my head!


Safest place for a safe ? Look behind your bathroom door!


Old Montreal charm
Puis-je avoir la poutine ?


Hello Vancouver – From the Gondola


Hop on Hop off


Trick or treat anyone??


Well Done Please!


Quirky Kinda Hotel – The Burrard


Mumbai Meets Vancouver @singhstyles & @sonamnaidu


That circumference found a place in my tummy!


Whistler here I am…


Beaver Tails. I lust it every single day!!


At the peak of Grouse Mountain.


The most endearing Spiderman ever!


Vertigo? who me?


Pick your color



Innocence at its best!


Picturesque Whistler Town


Downhill bike riding confession.. I chickened out!


Lunch time Hot dog


Canada in my palm – The Maple love


Lip service at Nordstrom , Vancouver


I tried smiling..

Thank You for checking out my travelogue ‘ The Canadian way’ .

Do leave your comments if you have any as  I love to see them coming in.



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