Ralph Lauren

GAP #DoYou

  When GAP approached me with their Autumn Winter Campaign #DoYou, my first thought was ‘What does this expression imply?’ At the second thought I had it all figured out. I spent the day thinking about this power thumping two word phrase #DoYou as it coerced me to ruminate on my life graph. You spend […]


ORDINARY SCENARIO 1 Yah! I am on a vacation in Thailand = No work! SCENARIO 2  –  A BLOGGER ON VACATION IN THAILAND Yah! I am on a Vacation in Thailand = More Work! That’s how we bloggers roll! As I lay on my deck chair sipping freshly squeezed orange juice and ogle at the […]

Street Disneyland

Sometimes it’s the small pleasures that light up your heart and bring a smile to your face. Being Free spirited is one such attribute I try and hold on to, not having to think twice , going with the flow , feeling uninhibited and so on. These are the very attributes that reflect in my […]