Michael Kors

Lipstick Stain

The first thing that ran through my mind, when i saw this big-pout-lipstain crop top was the 2009 song ‘Hey Soul Sister’ by the American rock band Train. The song goes like this..  ‘Your Lipstick stain on the front part of my Left side brain, i knew I wouldn’t forget you and so I went and let […]


ORDINARY SCENARIO 1 Yah! I am on a vacation in Thailand = No work! SCENARIO 2  –  A BLOGGER ON VACATION IN THAILAND Yah! I am on a Vacation in Thailand = More Work! That’s how we bloggers roll! As I lay on my deck chair sipping freshly squeezed orange juice and ogle at the […]


Flowy skirts, shorter hemlines, tropical and floral prints, exotic flair, bright and happy colors, loose linens etc etc.  Its Spring summer’ 15 and its time to ransack your wardrobe. Spring/Summer Fashion Trends come and go, but some are here to stay and stay forever.  These trends never go out of style and are considered to […]