The Diwali Fete

This Diwali morning I woke up with an urge. I wanted to be infected by happy faces and beautiful smiles. After all that’s what keeps us going doesn’t it?  Reshma, Akash, Rahul and Arun are the four beautiful smiles that have enriched my Diwali. We laughed, posed, danced and indulged in sweets like there was […]

Hotel Room

A morning like this – When you don’t have to bother about the creepy sun creeping ever so slightly through the curtains, throw your sheets back over your head, snooze till you want, the bloody alarm can go for a morning walk while you snuggle and don’t forget to cuddle! Stand under the shower with […]

Lipstick Stain

The first thing that ran through my mind, when i saw this big-pout-lipstain crop top was the 2009 song ‘Hey Soul Sister’ by the American rock band Train. The song goes like this..  ‘Your Lipstick stain on the front part of my Left side brain, i knew I wouldn’t forget you and so I went and let […]