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ORDINARY SCENARIO 1 Yah! I am on a vacation in Thailand = No work! SCENARIO 2  –  A BLOGGER ON VACATION IN THAILAND Yah! I am on a Vacation in Thailand = More Work! That’s how we bloggers roll! As I lay on my deck chair sipping freshly squeezed orange juice and ogle at the […]

ONLY in Winter

  This post was filmed in the crazy cold conditions of Jagraon, Punjab ( if you remember a wedding in my family brought me to this city).  I worked on two fashion posts whilst my stay there. First being ‘#Four degrees of Trepidation’ and here comes the second one ‘Only In Winter’. Tartan and Houndstooth […]

December Heart

December is a month when your toes get colder but your heart gets warmer. It’s the time of the year when  last year’s resolutions become  passé and thrown out of the window because it’s time for new ones . To me December seems like the most stressful month of the year – weddings , parties , celebrations, […]