GAP #DoYou

  When GAP approached me with their Autumn Winter Campaign #DoYou, my first thought was ‘What does this expression imply?’ At the second thought I had it all figured out. I spent the day thinking about this power thumping two word phrase #DoYou as it coerced me to ruminate on my life graph. You spend […]

Tea For Two

Picture you upon my knee Just tea for two And two for tea Just me for you And you for me…alone!   This beautiful song sung by the even more beautiful actress and singer Doris Day reflects on my oh-so-romantic mood today. The crisp weather ushered me into a moral dilemma. Tea for two; but […]

Placid Blue All The Way

I am a traveling romantic struck by wanderlust! I cant wait to go to Amalfi. I am enamoured by the coast that dazzles with its craggy cliffs and romantic Placid blue horizon. Those Placid skies invite me into their milky clouds.  Speaking of Placid Skies, how can i forget the Aegean sea and my beautiful Santorini […]