JORD Watches

  Time encapsulates moments and moments define life. Some moments are remembered for a lifetime while others are forgotten. But hey just because they are forgotten doesn’t mean they never occurred! Each day a new memory, a new moment is witnessed. Time goes by and life moves on. We live in a time capsule. But […]


‘ Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle’ —Abraham Lincoln”    If Abraham Lincoln was alive he would have been proud of every emerging BOSSBABE! Strong, confident ,hustler, independent, go-getter, mutli-tasker are just some of the adjectives that define a #bossbabe. She is a doyenne and she […]

Hotel Room

A morning like this – When you don’t have to bother about the creepy sun creeping ever so slightly through the curtains, throw your sheets back over your head, snooze till you want, the bloody alarm can go for a morning walk while you snuggle and don’t forget to cuddle! Stand under the shower with […]