How to style Red Pants


‘Red Pants! Red Pants!” Is she on fire?? – “Yes she is and she feels so hot!”

Have you ever had those aha moments in your life where you wake up from your sleep and tell your self ‘hey i need to get myself nude pumps, pink shorts or for that matter RED PANTS? You will surely save me from feeling less neurotic if you’ve felt and experienced the same.  LoL.

I remember so vividly waking up one morning and telling myself that I need a pair of red pants in my life. I still recall my exaggerated happy face when I picked these red jeans from Bloomingdales, New york in 2013. These are my first red pants ever, not that I remember if my parents ever dressed me in one as a baby.

The idea behind dressing my red pants is to keep it SIMPLE. Red as a color can be intimidating, that’s why i chose to pair red with neutral basics.

I have infused monochrome in my look as I feel black & white would look chic with my fancy red pants 🙂

But again if Black and White is not your thing,  you can play with colors like beige, shades of grey and lighter hues of blue as they can look very flattering too.

And If you want to raise your glamour quotient a notch higher grab your roaring prints/ Animal prints.



 LOOK 1 : Move On

Move On is a care free and hassle free style . For this look i teamed a monochrome crop top with my red skinnys. I chose to wear my white top siders to complete the casual quotient.


What I’m Wearing:

Jeans : Michael Kors | Crop Top : Forever 21 | Shoes : Nine west | Sunglasses : RayBan

LOOK 2: The Beetle

This is a classic way of styling anything red. Black and red are a lethal combination. You can never go wrong with this sexy and uber feminine look. I put together a flowy black button down shirt with my rad red pants. I wore my nude pumps and as i wanted to accessorise this look with something sublime, i chose to wear a sleek bracelet . The Beetle is now set to take off!


What I’m Wearing :

Jeans : Michael Kors | Shirt : Mango | Shoes : Steve Madden | Bracelet : Zoppini |


LOOK 3 : All American

When i was putting this look together, i was not thinking ‘All American’ . It was only at the time i was scrolling through my camera that i realised and decided to give this look the name. These colors when thrown in, can look tasteful and attractive.       In fact you could reverse the look  by teaming a chambray shirt/ light blue shirt with a white linen scarf.

What I’m Wearing :

Jeans : Michael Kors | Shirt : Bellatrix Clothing | Scarf : Etro | Shoes: Steve Madden | Bracelet : Zoppini


Which is your fav pick? How would you style your red pants? 

Please do share your style tips, ideas and Aha moments with me.  🙂 

Don’t forget to leave your comments below as i love to see them coming in.

Photography By Arsala Qureishi

P.S These pictures were taken in Koh Samui , Thailand.  

Location Courtesy : Zazen Boutique Resort & Spa.

“What goes behind the scenes is a messy suitcase , a messy room, and sweaty hair. LOL.  🙂  




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