The Steve Madden Girl

At times you need more than just a cup of coffee to wake up to. I love coffee just as much as the other girl, but like all other girls I also need my drug, my adrenalin rush. This morning I woke up to the sweet smell of suede under my nose. My freshly brewed pair of Maddens sat perched on the sofa waiting to be unraveled. I felt like a princess in a modern fairytale with my Madden shoes. Nothing seems impossible now.

A very close friend of mine who was in and out of relationships mended her broken heart by buying herself a new pair of shoes. I am not saying that this would work for me or for you, but it seems like good advise. She used to joke and tell me ‘You can guess the number of boyfriends I have had by counting my shoes!’ To tell you a secret, I believe that she got into relationships to have her heart broken so that she could buy new shoes.

I’m all set and ready to break a leg… Are you?

P.s – I was just curious, So I wanted to know a little about Your Dream Shoe. ( and I will tell you about my next dream pair).

Please do share your thoughts and Don’t Forget to leave your comments, I love to see them coming in!

Steve Madden Girl Video:



steve madden






Photography by Arsala Qureishi

What Im Wearing:

Shoes: Steve Madden | Boxer shorts: Jockey |  Tank top: Jockey |



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