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Tanishq Rivaah


A Millenial’s Heirloom

There’s a story. A momentous story that a necklace or bracelet carries for decades and then generations. Time transforms a piece of jewelry into a precious heirloom. It inhales the air you breathe as it has already transmuted perfect alchemy into anecdotes of love, joy, trust and sometimes pain. Just when the story and the history is passed on, take a moment as it will be your last, hold it close and whisper ‘Thank you’ for now its time for it to move on to a new keeper.

Inheriting an heirloom from my grandmother’s legacy would be priceless as she inspires me each day to be a strong and fearless woman. As her millennial grandchild, having a piece of her jewellery would mean having the strength to live with dignity.Just like her and her audacious stories.

One day when I will be 75years old, I would share my brazen stories with a little girl who would inherit the jewels of today! 

Tanishq Rivaah

Tanishq Rivaah

Tanishq Rivaah
This à la Mode Gold Choker in antique finish with glass kundan stones is the real show stealer.

Tanishq Rivaah

Tanishq Rivaah
Earrings for all occasions! So versatile!
Tanishq Rivaah
Twirling in these glorious ornaments.
Tanishq Rivaah
Dainty kundan ‘Haat Phool’

Tanishq Rivaah



Rivaah Tanishq

My association with Tanishq goes way back as my first diamond ring was bought from here. When I was approached by Tanishq for a collaboration, I said ’Yes’ without blinking an eye lid. Tanishq has become a pioneer in designing exquisite jewellery that ensures unmatched perfection.
Tanishq believes that jewellery is not a product, but rather, a manifestation of artistry and that is why the brand that has a distinct honour of being coveted by Indian women.

RIVAAH By Tanishq is the newly launched Indian wedding jewellery collection. Tanishq has gone a step up in designing elegant jewellery for every Indian bride. The wide array of traditional yet regal jewellery caters to all the ethnicities of India. So when you walk into a Tanishq store be rest assured to find meticulously-designed pieces of your preference.

As a young modern woman I feel Rivaah has successfully envisaged what an Indian bride of today wants. The brand has successfully encapsulated old world aesthetic without compromising on contemporary relevance.

According to the wedding jewellery trends of The Bridal Fashion Week 2017, The cocktail rings and Chokers are back this season. Kudos to Tanishq for keeping abreast with the newest trends. You might want to check out the large evening baubles or chunky gold chokers at RIVAAH.


Tanishq Rivaah
Admiring the details.
Tanishq Rivaah
An ode to the craftsmanship. This extraordinary ‘Haat Phool’ or Harness is every brides dream.

Tanishq Rivaah

What I’m Wearing :

Jewelry : Rivaah By Tanishq | Outfit : Archana Kochhar

Photography By Mrinmai Parab

Location : Tanishq Flagship Store, Mumbai; Andheri Link Rd

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