Picturesque Promenade

Picturesque Promenade

As a girl making way into her teens , my Dad always shared a quote with me that stuck in my head like a love song.

‘What is this life if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare’ –  William Henry Davies

The thought of sitting back and watching different people ,different mannerisms always enthrals me!  Where are they going to? What are they thinking of? What lives do they lead? What stories do they live?

This cloudy day, while I was returning from a meeting in my Uber taxi I couldn’t help take notice of the violent high tides that kissed the enchanting promenade of Worli Sea face, Mumbai.

Without wasting another minute, I instinctively asked the driver to pull back. ‘I wasn’t crazy to miss such an opportunity ?’ I sashayed along the parapet for half a mile and then found myself a bench on the promenade. I placed my bag close to me just incase i stood a chance of being robbed { God knows thats happened before!} and watched the world go by. I watched a group of girls chattering in unison , I presumed it was about their professor , my eyes drifted to a couple who must have been newly in love as they couldn’t keep their hands off each other! As the sun was descending I heard a man’s voice ascending,  he was having an animated telephonic conversation about his phone bills and how his service provider was on a mission to dupe So many parallel stories going on at the same time same place!

Being a spectator gives me a chance to reflect upon life. Being a blogger requires me to make the most of my surrounding. Hence I took this opportunity to document this mundane amusing day. Oh!  Did I mention that my dear friend was  kind enough to capture these moments of interlude. Thank You Bud! I owe you a couple of Budweisers!

My Outfit Deets : My street style ensemble was from the trip I made to Thailand this year. Bangkok shopping is incomplete if it’s not for some thrift shopping at the famous Platinum Mall.I bought this quirky ‘Oh My God’ T-shirt dress on the last day, just a few hours before my departure. My luck!! 🙂  I teamed my free and easy dress with these beige leather oxfords that i picked from Koh Samui. I teamed my outfit with my iconic avant garde candy bag and watched the world through my round sepia tinted retro glasses. 

Are you someone who likes to sit back and watch the world? If yes do share your thoughts and views.

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Picturesque Promenade

Picturesque Promenade

Picturesque Promenade

Photography By Arsala Qureishi

Picturesque Promenade – What I’m Wearing:

T-shirt Dress : Bangkok | Hand Bag : Furla | Oxford Shoes : Viera By Ragazze | Sunglasses : Idee Eyewear | Earrings : Splash |

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