Paisley – The Twisted Teardrop


The twisted teardrop or more popularly known as ‘Paisley’ has always been one of my favorite prints. We Indians know it as ‘ Buta, Ambi etc’.  Any Cupboard in India if ravaged will contain something or the other of the Paisley motif. A saree, scarf, duppatta , potli or even a quilt.

I was walking the picturesque whitewashed streets of Mykonos,[Greece] and one shop after another kept taking my breath away, my eyes caught this red paisley pants suspended from the hanger. I couldn’t help resist them and haggled with the shopkeeper and bought them.

There are days when we just want to lounge, may be sit at home with friends  with a bucket of popcorn and watch a rom-com or just step out for a cup of coffee , or do a little window shopping. For me this day was about stepping out and picking up a lipstick from MAC called ‘Rebel’ . So i slipped into my cardigan and chappals and headed to a girls doll house-the mall!

With my ‘Rebel’ lipstick in tow i felt like a ‘ Rebel With a Cause’. From the Ice cream store I grabbed a creamy magnum chocobar. Taking slurpy bites from my chocobar I let my eyes wander a little more and indulge themselves. For me at times going to the mall means just absorbing and letting myself float in the thought that I will come back and buy these things on another day. And when that day comes I make the same promise and that’s how the cookie crumbles.

Is Paisley Your Thing? Do you own something Paisley?

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Photography by Arsala Qureishi

Paisley – What I’m Wearing:

Pants: Mykonos | Cardigan: Batik | Tank top: Forever21 | Sandals: Grand Bazaar, Istanbul |

Cuff: Ayesha Accessories |


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