istanbul diaries

Istanbul Diaries

An eleven day trip and I was still asking for more. I am back but living each day with the hope of returning to this mystical city. I could have never imagined a city being capable of giving so much. I was completely inundated with their hospitality, love and warmth.

A city that has overwhelmed me profoundly. Istanbul you are a dream… A dream within a dream. If I had the talent, I would have written a poem on you, and it would have surely been a romantic one. (no pun intended)
This is my first official post on my Blog. Yay!!So here is a sneak peek into my Affair with the magical City ‘ISTANBUL’.

p.s Don’t forget to press play on the Video and let me know about your thoughts, ideas and experiences. 

Standing inside The Topkapi Palace , Istanbul
Walking towards the Hippodrome.
The Beautiful Museum of Contemporary Art , Istanbul Modern


When in Turkey, do Turkish Tea.
Fruits and nuts with the Famous Nargile (Hookah pipe)




New kids on the block.


Women of glory waiting for transport after hard day’s work.


Momma Can i have some Nargile please?


Lemonade with a twist and a cherry in my mouth.


Rub some aromatic perfume on me.


This is how we do it…Turkish Coffee.


Jas in Wonderland…The Famous Grand Bazaar.


I’m NOT going to shop today.. Who you kidding girl?
In my heart, in my soul Istanbul





Merchants of Orkatoy.


Diabetes anyone?
The sultan had 200 children. Do the math.
Love in the lives of others…
Here’s looking at you kid!
The lull before the storm..heading towards the shoppers paradise- Istiklal street in Beyoglu
Bought this red guy on the last day as my goodies were out of space..
The enchanting Dolmabahce Palace stands behind me.


On my way to the Suleymaniye Mosque
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