As a young girl growing up, I always felt a bolt of magic and romance envelope me whenever I saw the gorgeous Helena Christensen wildly caressed and sought by Chris Isaak in the song ‘Wicked Game’. There are so many desires and not all of them can be fulfilled yet there is so much to be thankful about. Chris Isaak was undoubtedly talking about the woman he loved and I am talking about everything that a woman loves. There is a line in the song  that goes ‘Its strange what desire will make foolish people do’ ! I have no qualms in admitting that I am foolish and I’m lovin it!

My Scarlet Mischa Tassle high heel Gucci booties are like my pet. I adore them , love them and take good care of them because they do the most important thing for me, they make me feel so beautiful! I was thinking of the white washed walls and blue skies of Mykonos when I was putting up this look. Mykonos is so blue and radiant that it makes me feel warm inside!

As comfort is the most important thing for me , I decided to throw this oversized high low stripes shirt on my basic white skinnys , don my sunnies and head to the Cyclades.

What is your take on the look? Would you infuse something into this look ? Please Share your  views and thoughts.  Don’t forget to leave your comments as i love to see them coming in.




Photography by Arsala Qureishi

What I’m Wearing

Shirt: Zara | Pants: Michael Kors |  Shoes: Gucci | Sunglasses: Ray Ban |  Bracelet: Thrift

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