gap #doyou


When GAP approached me with their Autumn Winter Campaign #DoYou, my first thought was ‘What does this expression imply?’ At the second thought I had it all figured out. I spent the day thinking about this power thumping two word phrase #DoYou as it coerced me to ruminate on my life graph.

You spend most of your life like a programmed robot without stopping and thinking what you really want to do. It’s always about what others think of you or how you want others to look at you. Over time you are a slave to a web of preconceived notions created by you. The bad news is ‘You just lost You’! But the good news is ‘You can win You’.

Before I start sounding like a wanne be motivational speaker  let me clear the air and tell you that I’m working on the path of finally doing what I want to do with no intention of hurting or biting anyone in the process. 🙂

You have a chance to bridge the GAP between what you do and what you do not!

So pull up your flared bottoms, raffle some feathers, button up and #DoYou. 🙂

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gap #doyou


Photography By : Farha Khan

What I’m Wearing :

Jeans & Tee : GAP | Belt : Ralph Lauren | Sunglasses : Tom Ford | Clutch : H&M | Shoes : Call It Spring

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