Flannel Flashback

My love for Flannel goes back to when I was around 12  years old. As a little girl, I remember having an over sized Flannel Plaid print jacket . The perks of being in a boarding school was dressing to the nines on the weekends and that’s when I would pull out that dapper jacket , sometimes wear it loose on my shoulders and other times tie it around my hips. Now i feel that the rocking 90s have been making their way across again. For that matter I feel Flannel was never out of fashion.

This classic checkered shirt will always hold a place in our sartorial hearts; they’ve got endless styling options and are ideal for layering. My wardrobe has gone through so many changes but this close-to-a-decade old Flannel shirt has taken permanent residency in there. There are a couple of things i don’t seem to let go of and always go back to, this is definitely one of them.

Flannel (Plaid print /checkered) shirts are one of the most wearable items and they can be worn in multitudes of ways. You can wear it tight or loose, buttoned up or down, with skirts or pants, with a t-shirt inside or jacket outside. Basically, you can create so many different styles.

I decided to go grunge this time, its easy, relaxed , cool and fun. I teamed a basic white top with my cuffed blue jeans, pulled my shoe strings and zealously fitted into my button down Flannel shirt. Voila! All ready for a perfect day!

Do you like Flannel clothing / accessories ?  Share your Flannel story with me.  How would you style your piece? I would love to know it all.  You can also share your look on Instagram. All you need to do is simply hashtag or follow womaniloveyou (#womaniloveyou @womaniloveyou).


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Photography By Arsala Qureishi

Location Courtesy : Star Bucks

Flannel Flashback – What I’m Wearing:

Flannel Shirt: Fcuk | Top: Forever 21 | Jeans: Vince Camuto | Shoes: Timberland | HandBag: Louis Vuitton | Sunglasses: Polaroid | Silver Bracelet : Zoppini | Watch: Michael Kors | Belt: Forever 21

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