Someone very close to me once asked me what is it that a woman looks for when she is buying a handbag. What a silly question I thought and dismissed his question with feigned non-chalance. My friend and I had tea and cupcakes we laughed we joked and we bid adieu to each other but his innocent enquiry left me in a quagmire. I sat up in bed all night trying to answer his question in my head and each time I was left more flabbergasted.

The only way to put my friend’s question to test was to hit the store. Even before the doors were fully open my foot and some part of my body was half in. I ran amok in the store putting my senses known and unknown to the test. I am sure the sales attendants that day thought that a deranged woman is prowling their premises. I touched I felt I smelled, I saw and I bit my lips in anticipation. I spent half a day looking at handbags and returned home without an answer.An old Bollywood romantic film was playing on the t.v., I needed something inane to get my mind off the question so I let the film play. The hero was waiting for the heroine and as soon as she came he started to sing a song and canoodle behind a tree. Boom! Bang! I had found my answer through the banality of a song in a Bollywood film.

The only answer befitting to what a woman looks for when she is buying a handbag is love. Sometimes it’s instant and at other times it beguiles you when you want to escape from it. Like a new love you cannot stop gazing into each other’s eyes. You suddenly forget things you have to do and all of a sudden you start spending less time with your friends and family and more time with your newfound love. Those feelings of heady giddy love are the same when you encounter a handbag that beckons to be yours.

I realized later that my friend’s question was scientific but it had an emotional answer. Moral of the story watch Bollywood for answers you cant find anywhere. Lol

This beautiful Spring afternoon i decided to flaunt my new love – So i unravelled this sexy and uber feminine Celine tie tote hand bag. I teamed this fresh lemony bright neon yellow silk button down shirt with my Katherine Hepburn inspired loose trousers with a twist at the waist. I slipped into my nude pumps and off i was singing my favorite Chanson d’amour ( love song) .

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Photography By Arsala Qureishi

What I’m Wearing:

Hand Bag : Celine | Shirt : Acne Studios | Trousers : Sisley | Shoes : Christian Louboutin | Earrings : Sphinx Jewelry | Watch : Michael Kors |



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