Do’s & Dont’s Of Being a Successful Blogger – The BeBeautiful Series – II


Blogging has been a roller coaster ride—I’ve had my ups and I’ve had my downs but what can be said without a doubt is that I’ve learnt immensely through this journey. From silencing my naysayers to doing myself proud, I’ve done the unthinkable as a blogger. If you’re an aspiring blogger, remember that back in the day I was just like you—confused, apprehensive and unaware of the world I was stepping into. So for the love of all my readers, here are some pointers that might help you in your career ahead as a blogger….


  1.  Do remember that content is king

One of the biggest rules to being a successful blogger is to conceptualise your posts or written content. Think out of the box. Even if you have to do a social media feature for something as basic as a white tee, try and add that little magic to that photo. Just writing stories, taking pictures and posting them is not enough. You also need to be one up. Being abreast with the latest fashion and style trends and constantly reinventing yourself is quintessential to your job. Taking effort pays off!




2) Don’t procrastinate

Too much procrastination can be dangerous for a blogger! We’ve got a blog to manage as well as social media, plus events and other commitments too! Hence, it’s very important to plan effectively and not be laidback. I like to keep a strict check list and every time I accomplish a task I reward myself with a tick. This exercise ensures that I adhere to deadlines.





3) Do have perseverance

As a beginner, bloggers write, take pictures, edit, create content and then single handedly put it all together. Sometimes, this leads to mental exhaustion and one becomes discouraged, as they don’t see the expected response immediately. The key is perseverance. When I started my Instagramaccount, obviously I started with zero followers, then there were 7, 50, 100, 1000 etc. Ask any successful blogger and they will tell you that success didn’t come knocking overnight. You are making that little difference you don’t know about yet but your hard work will surely see the light of the day.




    4) Don’t fake it

Sometimes, you are offered outfits you don’t like but you still go ahead and flaunt it. How does that make you an honest fashion/style blogger? Besides, if you aren’t comfortable with something, learn to voice your opinion.




     5) Do make sure you network

Another crucial requirement of a successful blogger is being a social butterfly. Writing e-mails to brands, bombarding PR companies with your profile, connecting with friends and family and visiting events, you have to multitask at the job




   6) Don’t lose your individuality

There is a very thin line between being inspired by your fellow bloggers and aping them. Blogging gives you a platform to be yourself and exhibit your passion and creativity. Cash on that rather than playing copycat.



7) Do revert to emails and comments

Nobody has put a gun to your head but it’s always a good etiquette to try and respond to an email enquiry or a comment on your Instagram. After all, you are out there for the followers who look up to you. It’s a responsibility that if fulfilled makes you a blogger to be remembered.

do and sont of successful blogger


8) Don’t pay heed to negativity

Not everybody is going to love you. Some negative forces which we call trolls and haters will always try to put you down. Because you will never find answer to why they hate you, it’s best to shun them and ignore them for life



Do you plan on starting your very own blog? Has this post helped you in some way?  Do feel free to share your thoughts and don’t forget to leave your comments as I love to see them coming in 🙂



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