diwali saree sutra

Diwali brings out the best in each one of us , great offers , great buys, great joys and great indulgence. For me the biggest indulgence (apart from the unapologetic shopping ) is wearing a Saree.  I just need a reason to wear a special Diwali Saree. So much so that when the Bollywood song “Saree ke fall sa” from the film R..Rajkumar was heard, i went berserk. yes i literally went berserkkk… For sometime it was also my workout song.    Its 6:24 am , I’m writing this post and I have the song blazing out of my headphone (for old time sake) .

I decided on giving a miss to the Chiffons &  georgettes, (as much as i love them) instead gracing an elegant woven cotton Saree, which epitomises ‘Indian Femininity’ . A touch of brocade ( my blue clutch ) completed the look for me.

To me Diwali is synonymous with color and thats why i wanted my post to be inundated with vibrance. After capturing a few shots at the hyper & upbeat market i decided  to grab a bite so I headed to a cafe.

Biting into my sandwich,  i went through all the images captured on my camera .. a sense of contentment, called it a day.  A day spent well is a happy day..

Wishing you a very HAPPY DIWALI.

How did you celebrate your Diwali? I would love to check out some of the pictures of you in the Diwali saree. Do post a link in the comments below of your pictures for others to check.

p.s: Please don’t forget to leave your comments. I love to see them coming in… 🙂

Diwali Saree Sutra pictures:




What I am wearing :

Saree : Fab India |  Blouse : Tailor made |  Shoes: Mochi |  Clutch : Mochi  |   Earrings: Toniq Accessories  |  Ring: Pieces (Vero Moda)  |  Bangles : Local Vendor  |

… Jas 

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