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Before - About me

Have you ever stood outside a store and feared going in? I certainly have, and at times I have stayed up all night wondering, “what’s behind those forbidden doors? The walls that guard those fortunes, how nice it would be to pervade them?”

When the first ray of sunlight came blistering through the window, a shaft would catch my eyes, a momentary interlude from my ‘dream fashion closet.’ I would ponder about my room consumed by all the things wrapped in my head, dressing myself with all the things that I didn’t have and thinking endlessly about all the things that didn’t have me.
Hence it’s my endeavor to re-create with the power of my imagination my own world of ‘things’.

Fashion to me is like a drug, it’s transformative, at one moment it’s this and in the other it’s that. That’s exactly how I want my life to be- Inundated with fantastic surprises.
Style to me is having the guile to pick up something off the street inject it with brilliance, wear it to a big-ticket event and still feel like a million bucks.Anyone can create a statement with expensive things but making inexpensive things look grandiose has always enthralled me.

“WILY” –‘Woman! I love you’ is my way of expressing the love for playing dress up. It’s what keeps me awake at night and dreamy eyed in the day.
Because “Loving oneself isn’t a one-time affair… it is a continuum”.  – JAS SAGU