A Dinosaur in my Closet..The Wooplr Story

A fling roughly translates to a short period of wild behavior. Love is a strong feeling of affection and sometimes a lifetime is not enough. Strictly speaking in terms of Fashion, a season is a lifetime! So what happens when you look into your cupboard and find something that has lasted multiple lifetimes? I found a dinosaur in my closet! Say hello to my pink pinstripe shirt from dinosaur years!

Just seconds before I was going to swaddle myself with a the most cliché statement i.e ‘ I have no clothes to wear’ , my eyes got transfixed on a pink piece of something! Hell! Hello Mr.! Where have you been hiding? It seemed like bumping into an extinguished ex-flame! That’s exactly the feeling I got when I pulled out this shirt. I crisp ironed my seven something year old shirt, slipped into it and the good news was that it still fit me! 🙂

I was beaming with joy like I won a lottery. I put on my blue skinny’s and tied my lace-ups. Today is going to be a nostalgic day 🙂

Do you have something tucked in you wardrobe that you love, Let years go by but it still has a place in there.

Do share your thoughts, Don’t forget to leave your comments as I love to see them coming in 🙂

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Location Courtesy : Marzipan Cafe

Photography By Roy Chatterjee

What I’m wearing :

Shirt : Benetton | Jeans : Levi’s | Shoes : Converse | Collar Pin : Claires

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