7 Things That Upped My Fashion Game – The BeBeautiful Series – I

Waking up in the morning to find my wardrobe bare to the bone is a dreadful nightmare. Everything that resides in there has a story to tell—the kitsch top, those black brogues, the Goan maxi dress and so much more! Truth be told, I romanticise about my clothes, my bags, my shoes and all things fashion.




If you’re like me, you’d certainly want a peek into my wardrobe. So when I was asked to write about the wardrobe pieces that changed my fashion game, limiting myself to pick five things seemed like a tough task. But for the sake of brevity, I chose eight. Take a look!




The Levi’s 501ct boyfriend jeans

When I’m in doubt, I don’t resort to black because for me, it’s always my Levi’s boyfriend jeans that do the trick. These are the jeans that I could walk down the aisle in! I love the distressed ripped knees and rolling them up (the cuffed style) just makes it so much more modish.



The Hidesign tan boxy bag

If you’re looking for latest fashion tips, you should know that box bags are a rage! This tan boxy sling bag is definitely a conversation-starter. The shape and size is perfect because I’m always on the go. This boxy baby can amplify a basic blue jean-white tee ensemble into a fashion statement.



The Vero Moda Marquee jacket

It is de rigueur to own this jacket and as luck would have it, I picked mine on sale. I love the detailing; the metal applique on the jacket adds so much more glamour to this piece. Throw this on your shoulders and you are sure to make heads turn.




Christian Dior Sunglasses

My favourite accessory of the fashion season has to be this pair of snazzy sunnies. What better than the popular Technologic Dior frames? This one is a sure shot game changer from one of the most prestigious houses of fashion. Dior, ma chér!



The basic white shirt 
Imagine a world without white shirts? Devastating, isn’t it? I swear by basic white shirts. They are versatile yet so classy. They’re super easy to team with anything and yet, wear one and you’ll be on top of your fashion game.


jeffory C


Jeffrey Campbell Ankle Boots

There is nothing that speaks like a good pair of shoes. They have the power to lift your sole and soul. This list is incomplete without these gorgeous lulled beige ankle boots.


laundry dress

The blue Laundry dress

What’s a wardrobe without a dress that doesn’t accentuate your curves? This blue dress fits me like magic. The colour complements my skin tone while the belt style cinched at the upper waist makes it even sexier. I just add a pair of sky high heels to this one and I feel like a complete diva!

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