5 Things I couldn’t do during my periods but now I can FT. Whisper #UltraSoft

Let’s face it, every girl at some point in her life has cussed her period!! ‘Damn you!!! How could you ruin my weekend getaway’!!! Blah Blah Blah….

What happens when this monthly guest shows up unexpected?? You may encounter your’e biggest fear or rather nightmare – STAINING (worse if its at your friend’s pajama party ) Or you are forced into missing your’e weekly Pilates class Or you are caught making countless trips to the washroom from your office cabin (mind you, all the employees take notice of that). Argghhh! I have no qualms about admitting that I have been through these and many more crazy, embarrassing & annoying menstrual experiences. If you’re reading this and you’re a girl, “You Heart me!!!” 🙂

As I’m writing this post , the one thing that sticks up in my head is the amount of discomfort we all go through each month. I have often heard my girlfriends say how much they wished their monthly cycle came and went like breeze; Painless, stainless and fuss less.

Being a woman, it becomes quintessential to live each dream uninterrupted. For me, it all starts with finding comfort in my own skin. Feeling at ease and in control of myself and my environment makes me limitless and unstoppable.


Whisper Ultra Soft

Last week I received a Hamper from the country’s leading Feminine Care brand Whisper. To begin with, Whisper always strives to unleash confidence in women. Their path breaking campaigns like ‘Touch the Pickle’ and ‘Like A Girl’ have changed the paradigm of conversations about Female Health and Hygiene in India.


Whisper Ultra Soft
Whisper India has launched the ‘New Whisper Ultra Soft’ that offers superior comfort that feels 2x softer on skin while absorbing wetness hour after hour.


The New Whisper Ultra Soft is 2 times softer and feels gentle on the skin. The soft pores on the top sheet helps drive liquid to the core where it gets locked. The Length is longer and wider at the back for a long lasting performance. Which means the New Whisper Ultra Soft gives you wings to do things you couldn’t do earlier.

Here are the 5 things I dreaded doing in the past but now I do it in a flash! All thanks to Whisper Ultra Soft.


  1. 1.Sleeping On White Sheets

    Sleeping can be one of the most troublesome parts of having a period. For some, it’s primarily an issue of comfort. For me it is a problem of preventing leaks.  But with the new Whisper Ultra Soft I can now go back to my typical sleeping position and not have to worry about leaks or the sheets. 

whisper Ultra Soft

  1. Whisper Ultra Soft
  2. Whisper Ultra Soft


2. Wearing Fancy Under Pants

As we want everything to stay in place, pad shifting is always a concern for every girl. In order to protect my pretty lacy underwear’s  from getting ruined I would halfheartedly pick the boring grand ma pants. Lol.

But this is not going to be my story any more! The New Whisper Ultra soft adhesive gives great grip and you are definitely not going to ravage your pretty fancy undies. #GoGirl Flaunt it!

Whisper ultra Soft

3. Sneezing, Laughing & Coughing

I find this one pretty hilarious but its worthy of a reminder to you.  Almost all of us go through what is called ‘Period Sneeze’. Period sneeze is when you’re on your period and you sneeze and you can feel your period flow onto your pad – swooooshh!!! It is during these times when subconsciously or consciously you try to control your sneeze , cough or laughter!

Hey did I mention I will be attending the comedy gig on the weekend? I got myself covered! Wink wink!

Whisper Ultra SoftWhisper Ultra Soft

4. Going To The Gym

Nine out of ten times I have ditched going to the gym during the first 3 days of my period. Reasons could vary from PMS, stomach cramps or tight workout clothes. The excuses are multiple but with the superior comfort of the new Whisper Ultra Soft I am left with no excuses. As the skin feels 2 times softer while absorbing wetness hour after hour it helps me feel relaxed and I don’t have to keeping turning my head behind to check for any spotting.

Whisper Ultra Soft

Whisper Ultra Soft

5. Wearing White Bottoms

As much as I love sleeping on white sheets I also love dressing up in white. The number one caution for every girl is to keep away all things white when on your period! Imagine being invited to the most happening brunch in town but you can’t make it because the dress code for the party is ‘All White’ and madame just got her chums! Dammn you!

But like you know this Blog post is all  about all the things I CAN do on my period. The good news is I am going to don those new white skinny’s I bought from GAP. Bring it on Girl! Are you going to take the #ComfyChallenge like I just took?

Whisper Ultra SoftWhisper ultra Soft

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