Mean Streets

I felt like a punk gangster schmoozing into the atmosphere under the low lit sky. It was a gloomy day and I could feel the city becoming abandoned at rush hour, everyone was heading home and I was heading out. The rain had already washed the ground and the air was ripe with the pleasant, […]


Rivaah by Tanishq

  A Millenial’s Heirloom There’s a story. A momentous story that a necklace or bracelet carries for decades and then generations. Time transforms a piece of jewelry into a precious heirloom. It inhales the air you breathe as it has already transmuted perfect alchemy into anecdotes of love, joy, trust and sometimes pain. Just when […]

RIVAAH by Tanishq | Woman!ILoveYou

  A Millennial’s Heirloom – As a young modern Millennial woman I feel Rivaah has successfully envisaged what an Indian bride of today wants. The brand has successfully encapsulated old world aesthetic without compromising on contemporary relevance.   BRIDAL JEWELRYLIFESTYLE BLOGGERREVIEW ON JEWELLERYRIVAAH BY TANISHQTANISHQ